We are so happy to introduce our New Fine Bakery Collection.  This collection is a mix of Old World European Cookies, Fine Italian Baked Cookies and even Fun Decorated Cookies.  We offer many cookies made in the old style tradition that our customers say “they remember eating these cookies when they were growing up”.  Our New Fine Bakery Collection can satisfy almost every need, from our line of bakery style European, Italian and Sugar Free cookies to Novelty Cookies and Petit Fours.

Even the most exclusive bakeries, highlight their line of cookies with an assortment of Cookies United fine baked goods.  From a classic European style hand pinched pocket cookie made with jam and topped with powdered sugar to a raspberry tart topped with toasted almonds and of course our famous rainbow layer cookies.

Our Nostalgic Italian Style Bakery Cookies are known for their array of fillings and sprinkles that adorn each cookie.  Once you try our Raspberry Finger Cookie you will be transported back to Sunday family dinners.  An old world favorite that I had as a little girl at my Italian Grandmother’s table was the Anisette Biscotti.  Tasting this brings many happy memories.

The Rainbow Layer Cookie, an almond confection cake, layered with raspberry jam and covered with chocolate and sprinkles, one of our most popular, is a signature item at many weddings and holiday celebrations.  We ship cookies all across the country.

We pride ourselves in supplying the finest quality product possible and providing the highest level of service to the customer.