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The Original CakeBites®

Everyone always remembers fighting over the few pieces of rainbow cookies scattered throughout those holiday cookie platters from the corner bakery… Well no more! We have made everyone’s favorite into a new easy grab and go package!  No need to buy by the pound anymore or wait until the holidays.  

Cakebites come three flavors classic Italian Rainbow, Ultimate Party Cake, and Cinna-Crumb Streusel.  Cakebites are available in 2oz individual grab & go packsor you can buy them in a box of four, our Family Pack. a group snack!

We are proud to have the first premium on the go snack cake product line!



Bake Shop Bites

50 years is a long time to be baking and life has certainly changed and evolved for all of us.  Life has gotten busier for all of us…..neighborhood bakeries are harder to find these days.  We still want to enjoy the treats that we remember, but we don’t need to eat a pound of cookies.

So we asked ourselves how can we make our bakery favorites match the world we live in today and make them even better??  Add some more chocolate of course and wrap it to go…

Introducing our new Bake Shop Bites Line Up – The Macaroon, The Peanutter, The Brownie and The “S” Cookie.  Bakery fresh cookies and treats, in convenient, perfectly portioned packages ready for the on the go lifestyle.


The Baker's Baker

Cookies United has been the Bakers Baker to the bakery industry for over 50 years.  We have been suppling gourmet bakery cookies across the United States to top retailers like Costco, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, HEB, and many more.

Our everyday line of cookies use authentic old world recipes that make up our core collection.  Jellies, chocolates and many other fine flavors are all part of our European Cookie Line

Our Traditionally Italian line of cookies are as authentic as they come.  Delicious biscotti and classic spritz cookies are all part of the Italian cookie collection.

Where are the top bulk cookie supplier across North America.